Thursday, March 3, 2016

Writing Challenge Word Roots Lord Wallet.

thermology, Thermostat, Thermometer

Definition- Heat

In my house we have a thermostat that we use when it's too cold or hot. We like to make it the right temperature for everyone but my brother didn't like that idea. he would turn it up so much that my body temperature would go up like a thermometer in a pit of fire. I would rush to the thermostat dripping in sweat. I turned it but my brother would just turn it back up. I couldn't take it anymore so I went up to my room and picked up a thermology book in my small library of science books. I started to read and learn more about it and looking more inside to heat and temperature. after this I didn't need the Thermostat anymore I just needed one thing to keep me from drowning in my own sweat, thermology.

Monday, January 4, 2016

What to do with my one wild and precious life. Lord Wallet.

What do I plan to do with my one wild and precious life? What I plan to do with my "one wild and precious life" is to hopefully find a good quality house and and loving soulmate. I also plan to find a well paying job to keep my family healthy and safe and have a roof over our heads. My dream is to try and have a private helicopter and a lot of wealth. As well as a big landscape when the width and the length is very large. I still have been saving money till this day! But still have the money I need to go to college at VFMA&C or any other popular college. I am hoping that all I have wrote will come true and happen to me in my one wild and precious life...

Thursday, December 17, 2015



“Day 1,” Paul said in the camera.
“Me and our new friend Kyle and Paul are here to explore Carl’s house”. Dominic said “After Carl died his parents moved 1 month later due to Paranormal activity in the house. Dominic explained. They were getting closer to Carl's house. It’s been abandoned for about 53 days. We have been counting each day to make sure nothing bad happens to the house. “Finally! We made it to the house!,” Dominic shouted.
“SHH! We need to be quiet until we get into the house,” Paul whispered. They entered the house and The house still had all of their stuff in it and it appeared nothing had been packed.
“Looks like they were in a hurry,” Paul said. “Dominic look up stairs while me and Kyle look down stairs.”
“Got it,” Dominic said. about 32 minutes of searching we couldn’t find anything. Then Kyle said something before we could leave. As we were about to leave the house Kyle said
“Why don’t you show yourself?” Then the windows broke and the alarm went off. There were things moving and doors closing and opening. Glass shattered having little pieces scratch and cut our faces. Then we turned their heads and ran upstairs in fright.
Paul and the others made a bad decision. As they went upstairs they were only to find a tall skinny black figure screaming at us.
Dominic Screamed,  “In here!!” We ran and locked the door behind us. We all sat down in terrible fear. Then the scream became high pitched  and there was banging on the door. Then there was no noise it was all silent. Then the door unlocked.
“What are we going to do?” Kyle whispered. The camera was still rolling so we started talking to the camera.
“Ok! we are going to attempt to jump out the window we are on the second floor and we are hoping to escape with out the thing noticing,” Paul exclaimed. They opened the window and threw the camera down first. Then they started to hang out of the window so they would have a shorter drop. First Paul dropped, Then Kyle. All of us were almost out.
Kyle yelled, “Jump for it!”. Dominic jumped as the door bursted open and the scream of the figure was louder than ever. He rolled on the ground on impact and the three of us ran away not realizing we left the camera behind. We ran to The woods to Carl’s grave which was next to a ten person tent with a 3 lanterns 3 mattresses and 3 large boxes with water and food.
We went to see Carl’s grave. Usually we read what it says on the grave and then pay our respects. But what we saw brought chills through all our spines. The writing said “Don’t go in the house”. Followed by “Here lies a good young man that deserves all of the power love and respect he needs. “2003-2017” .
All three of them were terrified and walked into their tents, hoping to find closure in their sleeping beds. The next morning Kyle woke up with a rumbling stomach and and grumpy face. He slowly turned his head to the right only to read  6:42 AM on the clock. “Ugh! It’s early,” Kyle said. He turned his head back the way it was looking at through the clear plastic roof of the tent looking at the outside. He rubbed his eyes slowly and sat up to go look inside of the boxes of food as Kyle was walking over to the boxes he was thinking to himself about what could happen
“Could the thing leave the house or is it waiting for us?’. Kyle made it to the boxes. He found a poptart and a juice box for an early snack. a couple of minutes went by and Kyle decided to wake everybody up a 7:00 AM so they would all be able to eat and go get the camera from the house around 7:30. Paul and Dominic had a the same thing as Kyle, pop tarts and a juice box. After that we all got our gear including weapons. We stuffed all of the water and food in our pockets and all of the weapons in our pockets.
Dominic said, “I call the flip knife.”
While Kyle said “I want the metal pole.” Paul then had no choice so he went with the shovel.
They stuffed their bags as much as they could stocking up on water and food and some paracord incase we had to rappel out the window. We left the tent only thinking that we were walking to our doom each step we took. We walked through the early streets of our town and then we made a big right turn and ended up at the house.
“Ok guys are you ready?” Paul said.
“Uhh yeah I guess I am.” Dominic replied. but Kyle had a good idea in mind before we went in the house. He explained it all to them as we were in front of the house about to slowly creak the door open hunting the missing camera down. Kyle explained the idea
“We should check around the house just incase the camera is outside and we might not have to go inside the house.”.  Everyone agreed to the the plan Paul, Dominic, And Kyle walked along the somewhat to be haunted house. They searched high and low under pipes in the tall grass surrounding the house. They checked everywhere outside of the house and they didn’t seem to find any evidence that the camera was even there.
“There’s nothing here,” Paul said. Dominic replied with “We should probably check in the house now right?”.
“Right,” Kyle said. So there they went into the house. They were hoping to find the camera fast and be able to get out before lunch. Before they opened the door Dominic said “If anything happens or if you see the thing yell. Got it!” Paul and Kyle shook their head up and down and slowly they entered. With every inch the door went the louder the creaking sound got.
The three of them were able to fit in without moving the door anymore. They were in Kyle went up the stairs
Dominic went to look around the first floor and Paul looked in the attic. Kyle yelled and they all came to  the room Kyle was in. Kyle was on the floor and he was bleeding His arm was torn off and the bone was black with what looked liked a black mist coming out. and blood spilling out of his mouth.
“Oh my god are you ok?!” Paul said. Kyle said
“No Leave me. I will catch up, now go” .Alright Dominic let's go.” The two of them of them escaped the house.
“We should come back for them.” Paul said. Dominic replied
“No we have to go” Paul and Dominic left the house and Kyle layed there and smiled. “My soul has been taken. Finally”.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Sacred Tree And The Fire By:Lord Wallet.

The Sacred Tree And The Fire.

“Paul is an adventurous kid who has brown eyes and dark hair.” “He spends most of his time going outside but there is one thing he enjoys in particular.” “He enjoys to go out in the woods alone or with friends.” “He loves to go outside and look around the mountains in the distance.” “He loves to just be outside because he enjoys it.”

“ doesn’t matter if he is sad or happy, angry or disappointed. The outside always welcomes him.” “He just loves the outside.” That was the description Paul’s parents gave before they both died of lung cancer due to cigarettes and cigars. Paul is 12 now and he lives in his aunt Valerie's house and his friends come over and plays the game console he has. Usually after that they grab a couple of snacks and head on out to the woods ahead.

They admired the view that they would be able to see once they got to the sacred tree. The sacred tree is a 115 year old tree. Most people believed that at night something in the mist would come and fill the tree with more life and stay fresh and alive. The reason people call it sacred is because every winter when all the leaves fall down that tree has all of it’s leaves still there.

People call it sacred but nobody goes near it or plans to go near it due to deaths in the woods. There has been people telling Paul “you shouldn’t go there.” “Yeah it’s dangerous.” Paul always plans to go near it and he is always not seeming to get hurt when he goes there. It’s like the woods are friendly with him. That's what Paul thinks each time he goes to the sacred tree.

Paul was climbing trees and crawling under branches as he finally reached the sacred tree and shouted “Finally I made it!” The tree had many branches so it would be a higher advantage for Paul to get up higher but a higher chance of the branches breaking. Paul didn’t care because he was a daredevil or at least his friends call him That. Paul then began to climb the sacred tree. Dominic and carl were talking to each other talking about Paul. “Do you think anything will happen to him?” Dominic replied

“Shut up Carl. Don’t jinx it.” He passed each small or big branch with pride and confidence. As Paul was climbing he set a goal for himself that he would finish no matter what stands in his way. Paul climbed and he climbed all around big and small left and right until he saw it. Back then when Paul went his highest he marked his highest climb with a piece of orange tape. Paul really had a feel that he would achieve this goal today and will still be able to see the beautiful mountains.

Paul then had a worried look. He realized that the tree he hasn’t climb in over a year has died in the top of the tree. That  means that the branches are small weak and very breakable. His friends Carl and Dominic who brought the tent and food were yelling at Paul “Get down!” Paul didn’t listen to them instead he climbed and climbed until he realized he was on the very top branch of the sacred tree. Paul shook his head in fright as he realized he already passed his goal 2 minutes ago. Paul was hallucinating and thought that the orange tape kept moving up. The tree was about to fall down! Paul had no choice but to jump. Carl and Dominic screamed “DON'T DO IT!!” as Paul jumped.

Paul then fell to the ground and hit the tent. His friends dropped to their knees in shock and terror. They thought he was done for. They were to go and move on without Paul as the thought he was dead. They walked in sorrow and depression as Paul got up with a scar to his head and down to his eye. He yelled in agonizing pain as Carl and Dominic ran toward Paul as they Suddenly thought that it was a miracle by the gods.

He picked him up and ran to a safe place as the 752 year old sacred tree fell down into pieces. Carl and Paul looked at the fallen tree in shock. But Dominic was looking at the mini fire they made right by the tent. The flames built up all over the sacred tree as Dominic screamed “Guys we should get out of here!” Paul and Carl then looked at the flames and made a run for it. The ran and jumped. Crawled and slid through the burning forest fire. As they almost made it to the road ahead out of the flaming woods Dominic fell.

Carl went back to Dominic to help him as Paul made a run to the road. Carl yelled “Don’t worry I got you!” Dominic was stuck and Carl tried with all of his might to get Dominic out. He was able to get Dominic out of there as he suffered minor burns. The ran to the road as well to catch up to Paul. Police,ambulance,and firefighters came rushing to the scene as the firefighters cleared the fire as policed grabbed Dominic and Paul. The officer yelled in demand “What were you boys doing in the woods?!” “Look how much trouble you will be in!” Paul explained in guilt “I'm sorry it was me who caused this.”

“I was just climbing and the tree fell on the grill.” “I should have never climbed the tree. and it was all my fault.” The officer felt bad for Paul and was about to question Carl after he pressed charges on Paul. One of the firefighter said “No. Don’t press any charges.” “There was no matches, lighters or anyway he did this on purpose.” The officer replied “okay. I won't press charges but I have to search you just incase of any kind of weapons or dangerous objects.”

“If you have anything just tell me and put it on the hood of my car.” Paul pulled out a multi tool out of his sock. Then Carl pulled out a very sharp rock that he sharpened on a tree. Paul was scared because he thought that he might go to jail. But the Officer went down on one knee and said “Listen kid. I used to be like you.” “I like to go outside and get some action in my life.” “That’s why I joined the police force. To enjoy what I love.”  

Paul, Carl, And Dominic were sent to the hospital to get their minor wounds treated properly by nurses. Many years have gone by and Paul still remembered what the police officer said. So exactly 6 years after the incident he went to the police station to go and join the police force. He then was asked to talk to the new sergeant after he is promoted.

He waited a good 3 hours to see that the new sergeant was the officer he talked to when the forest fire happened. The officer said “Hey. It’s been 6 years.” “You still the kid you were back then? “Paul smiled and said “Yeah. Still the old me.” The officer shook paul’s hand and said “Well welcome to the force umm.” “What is your name?” “I'm sergeant John.”

Paul replied “I'm Paul It’s an honor to serve with you.” Sargent John and Paul went straight. to the shooting range because Paul was fit enough to pass the PT training. He continued his life with a big house and a wife. He also has two kids and Carl And Dominic to help him in emergencies. Carl became a doctor and Dominic became a firefighter and all lived successful lives and careers and were all able to retire with lots of money and care.